2011 Menace Midwest Invitational
U11-U16 Girls & Boys Divisions

The Des Moines Menace hosts the 10th annual Menace Midwest Invitational on Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15.
All games for MMI 2011 will be played at Cownie Soccer Park (2600 East Hartford Avenue – Des Moines, IA 50320).

Online scoring will be provided by the Menace Soccer Club throughout the tournament weekend.

Tournament brackets are provided below along with up-to-date tournament announcements.

Announcements & Schedule Changes

5/5/2011: Brackets & Schedules Now Available.
5/5/2011 10:50pm:  Schedule Changes Completed, Current Revision Date on All Brackets is 5/5/2011 10:45pm.

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Tournament Brackets
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BracketGame#DayTimeCourtHomeHome ScoreAwayAway Score
B11G4Sun8:50amField 1BCV Select2Menace Red3
B11G8Sat7:40amField 10BKCFC Milan2Menace Red1
B11G12Sat11:10amField 11BOFC 99/00 Elite 14Menace Red1
B11S4Sun7:40amField 12AOFC Gold Adrenaline4Menace Black0
B11S5Sat10:00amField 12AWDMSC Inferno White2SSSC Navy6
B11S8Sat1:40pmField 12AAltoona Arsenal0Menace Black1
B11S10Sat2:50pmField 2BAmes Gold0SSSC Navy7
B11S11Sat10:00amField 11BMetro Elite Pumas8Menace Black0
B11S15Sun7:40amField 10BSSSC Navy3Norwalk Warriors1
B11S17Sun12:30pmField 11BAltoona Arsenal0SSSC Navy4
B11S18Sun3:30pmField 11AMetro Elite Pumas1SSSC Navy2
B12S2Sun10:00amField 11BBlaine Bandits1Menace1
B12S4Sun11:10amField 11AFutura Barcelona1SSSC Navy0
B12S6Sat2:50pmField 12AKCFC Athletics3Menace2
B12S8Sat4:00pmField 2BOFC 98/99 Gold I1SSSC Navy0
B12S10Sat11:10amField 2BPhoenix Milan6Menace1
B12S12Sat8:50amField 11BHeartland Warriors Green2SSSC Navy3
B13S3Sun12:30pmField 8KC Fusion- French 97/987Menace0
B13S5Sun7:40amField 4Ames3Menace1
B13S8Sat7:40amField 3Kansas Rush Flames0Menace2
B13S10Sat12:30pmField 4Valley United0Menace4
B162Sun10:00amField 6Menace U163Rebels U150
B165Sat1:40pmField 7KCFC Liverpool U150Menace U166
B169Sat8:50amField 4KC Blaze Inferno U160Menace U162
B1613Sun1:00pmField 9Menace U166Vantage U150
G15S3Sat10:00amField 6Alliance Athletica U140RFC U155
G15S9Sat2:50pmField 4Eastside Rangers U150RFC U151
G15S15Sun7:40amField 7Urbandale J-Hawks U140RFC U152
G15S17Sun12:30pmField 4BSA Panthers U140RFC U151
G15S18Sun3:30pmField 4FC Midwest Academy U142RFC U151

Point System
Three (3) points for win.
One (1) point for tie.
One (1) point deducted for every red card received by play and or if a coach is sent off.

Tie Breakers
Head to Head competition (not used in 3 team tie).
Record in preliminary matches.
Least goals against.
Most goals for (capped at five goals per match).
Kicks from the mark.