2017 Menace Midwest Invitational

Thank you for being part of the 2017 Menace Midwest Invitational.

MMI 2017 is hosted by the Des Moines Menace at Cownie Soccer Park, with games on Saturday, May 13 and Sunday, May 14.

Announcements & Schedule Changes

4/28/2017: Announcing the schedules for MMI 2017!

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Tournament Brackets
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BracketGame#DayTimeCourtHomeHome ScoreAwayAway Score
11BG1Sat9:50 AMField 1BWDMSC Royal8Menace Academy West 11U1
11BG3Sat11:10 AMField 1BMenace Academy Red 11U3WDMSC White2
11BG6Sat2:00 PMField 3AVSA 11U Green3Menace Academy West 11U0
11BG7Sat6:20 PMField 1AMenace Academy Red 11U2JUSC White1
11BG10Sun8:40 AMField 3AMenace Academy West 11U7JUSC Sky Blue1
11BG11Sun10:00 AMField 2BVSA 11U Black0Menace Academy Red 11U3
11BG13Sun2:30 PMField 1AWDMSC Royal2Menace Academy Red 11U3
11BS1Sat8:30 AMField 3BWDMSC Black0Menace Academy Black 11U4
11BS5Sat3:30 PMField 1AJUSC Grey2Menace Academy Black 11U3
11BS10Sun11:20 AMField 2BMenace Academy Black 11U2SESA8
11G1Sat8:30 AMField 2BMenace Academy4WDMSC Navy1
11G3Sat12:30 PMField 1BMenace Academy7JUSC Navy0
11G8Sun10:00 AMField 3BMenace Academy1JUSC Sky Blue0
11G10Sun2:00 PMField 3ABSA Revolution3Menace Academy0
12BG2Sat9:50 AMField 1AMenace Academy Red 12U7J-Hawks0
12BG6Sat6:20 PMField 3BMenace Academy Red 12U7WDMSC White1
12BG7Sun10:00 AMField 2AWDMSC Royal1Menace Academy Red 12U2
12BG10Sun10:00 AMField 2AMenace Academy Red 12U2WDMSC Royal1
12BS3Sat11:10 AMField 1AMenace Academy Black 12U8VSA 12U White1
12BS4Sat11:10 AMField 3AMenace Academy West 12U7WDMSC Blue5
12BS5Sat3:30 PMField 2AMenace Academy Black 12U8JUSC Black0
12BS6Sat3:30 PMField 3AMenace Academy West 12U4WDMSC Black2
12BS9Sun11:20 AMField 1AMenace Academy Black 12U5WDMSC Silver1
12BS11Sun12:40 PMField 1ASporting OFC Silver0Menace Academy West 12U3
12BS13Sun4:00 PMField 1AMenace Academy Black 12U4Menace Academy West 12U3
12G1Sat9:50 AMField 2AMenace Academy0Scarlet Strikers0
12G4Sat3:30 PMField 1BMenace Academy4WDMSC Royal 11U0
12G6Sun8:40 AMField 3BMenace Academy0Sporting Blue Valley Atletico1
12G10Sun3:30 PMField 3BJUSC White2Menace Academy2
1314B2Sat11:10 AMField 5Bondurant Blues 14U3Menace Academy Black 13U1
1314B4Sat3:30 PMField 8WDMSC Silver 14U6Menace Academy Black 13U0
1314B6Sun8:40 AMField 5JUSC Competitive 13U1Menace Academy Black 13U2
1415BG2Sat8:30 AMField 5JUSC Premier 14U4Menace Academy Red 14U4
1415BG5Sat5:00 PMField 7BSA Elite 15U4Menace Academy Red 14U1
1415BG6Sun8:40 AMField 7KC Fusion Pre-Academy 03 14U1Menace Academy Red 14U1
1415BG10Sun2:00 PMField 8Sporting OFC 03 Gold 14U2Menace Academy Red 14U1
1415BS1Sat8:30 AMField 7Menace Academy Red 13U6JUSC Competitive 14U0
1415BS2Sat9:50 AMField 5Menace Academy Black 14U0TSR 2003 14U7
1415BS5Sat5:00 PMField 8Humboldt United FC 15U0Menace Academy Red 13U6
1415BS6Sat6:20 PMField 7EISA Rockets 15U2Menace Academy Black 14U0
1415BS8Sun10:00 AMField 6Menace Academy Red 13U5EISA Rockets 15U1
1415BS9Sun10:00 AMField 7Menace Academy Black 14U3Humboldt United FC 15U2
1415BS10Sun3:30 PMField 8TSR 2003 14U1Menace Academy Red 13U0
1415GG1Sat11:10 AMField 6BSA 2002 15U1Sporting Iowa Academy 1 15U0
1415GG4Sat5:00 PMField 6Sporting Iowa Academy 1 15U7Wright County Rage 15U1
1415GG6Sun10:00 AMField 8CBSC 15U0Sporting Iowa Academy 1 15U3
1415GG7Sun2:30 PMField 7BSA 2002 15U3Sporting Iowa Academy 1 15U1

Point System
Three (3) points for win.
One (1) point for tie.
One (1) point deducted for every red card received by play and or if a coach is sent off.

Tie Breakers
Head to Head competition (not used in 3 team tie).
Wins in preliminary matches.
Least goals against.
Most goals for (capped at 8 goals per match).
Kicks from the mark.