Belle Plaine Traveling Baseball Association Volunteer Services

Help Section for Volunteers - Welcome

Welcome to the Volunteer Help Section of our volunteer management system.

This help section is written to help answer questions volunteers may have about the sign up process.

Below are some quick How To's for common tasks related to the volunteer sign up process.

If you have any additional questions about how to sign up for shifts contact
the club's volunteer coordinator.

If you have any feedback on this volunteer service feel free to send it to

How Many Shifts/Hours Do I Need To Sign Up For

    Short Answer: A minimum of 6 hours for every player participating in the program.
     If you have 2 players participating in the program, then you are required to volunteer for 12 hours.

How Do I Access The System And Login

Go to the club web site and click through the Volunteer links until you get to the login page.

Below is the link for the Volunteer Management System which will also be posted on the associations web site:

Login Page: Click Here to Log In

If you forget your username/password there is help available online to recover your login infomation.

Follow the login help link on the login page for additional help.

If I Misplace This Help Page, How Will I Know Where To Go To Sign Up

There will be a link on the club's web site, look for the Volunteer section to find the sign up page.

How Do I Sign Up For Shifts

After you are logged in you will see a dropdown for events. Select the event and then
you are on your way to start the sign up process. Once you have selected an event you will
see a list of shifts available for the chosen event.

Shift selection is performed on this list that is in the middle of the page.

The first column in the shift list has a "Sign Up" link used to select a shift for sign up.

Once you select a shift you will see its details for the selected shift to the right of the list.

Shift sign up is performed in the area just under the selected shift details section
on the right side of the page.

There are fields to enter your personal information. You may also specify if someone
else performing the volunteering.

After entering your information click the "Sign Me Up" button to complete the sign up
for the selected shift.

Once the sign up has completed the shift will drop off the available shifts list.

You can then view and manage your signed up shifts under the "My Shifts" section of the site.

The My Shifts button just to the right of the events dropdown list.

Once you sign up you will receive a sign up confirmation email with your shift details.

How Do I Change a Shift

To change a shift login to the volunteer system and click on the My Shifts button.

Then click the Edit button in the list under the My Shifts section.

The shift details will appear on the upper right section of the page.

If the shift start date is outside the 2 day shift drop window then you will see a Drop Shift button.

Click on the Drop Shift button to drop the shift, then you can sign up for another shift.

You will receive an email confirming the shift and one will be sent to the person volunteering too.

I Need Additional Help

If you need additional help using the volunteer system contact the club's volunteer coordinator.

You can also email if you have any feedback or questions about the online volunteer system.