2020 Hopkins Royal Rumble Basketball Tournament

Welcome to the Hopkins Royal Rumble Boys Tournament (January 11th-12th, 2020).

Online tournament game bracketing, scheduling and scoring provided by Tourneyville.

Tournament announcements, schedules and results are provided below.

Scoring updates are provided during the event by the Hopkins Royals Boys Basketball Association.

Good luck to all the teams participating in the event!!!

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All games will be played at Hopkins High School (Courts HLC1-5 & HHS-6),
North Junior High School (Courts NJH7-11) and West Junior High School (Courts WJH12-16).
Tournament Brackets
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BracketGame#DayTimeCourtHomeHome ScoreAwayAway Score
4B3Sat9:00amNJH-10Hopkins 4b47Edina 4B Wht30
4B11Sat1:00pmNJH-10Saint Paul 4B33Hopkins 4b25
4B14Sun10:00amWJH-12Hopkins 4b28MPLS Lakers -Gold35
4C1Sat2:00pmNJH-10Hopkins 4c18Elk River 4C24
4C3Sat4:00pmNJH-10OMGBA 4C19Hopkins 4c15
4C5Sat6:00pmNJH-10Hopkins 4c20Woodbury 4C34
5A2Sat5:00pmWJH-15Chaska 51Hopkins 37
5A9Sat8:00pmWJH-13Edina 30Hopkins 39
5A13Sun2:00pmNJH-8Hopkins 41Eagan 25
5B3Sat4:00pmNJH-7Burnsville 5B22Hopkins 5b42
5B13Sat8:00pmNJH-11Hopkins 5b31Elk River 5B27
5B20Sun10:00amNJH-9St Louis Park46Hopkins 5b20
5B21Sun12:00pmNJH-8Wayzata 5 White34Hopkins 5b21
5C7Sat11:00amNJH-9Hopkins 5c7St Louis Park35
5C12Sat1:00pmNJH-8Chaska 5C19Hopkins 5c23
5C18Sun11:00amWJH-15Hopkins 5c23Edina 5C White28
6A2Sat6:00pmHLC-2Hopkins 6a18Woodbury 6A38
6A10Sun9:00amNJH-8Saint Paul 6A22Hopkins 6a21
6A16Sun11:00amWJH-16Chaska 6A42Hopkins 6a47
6B2Sat8:00amNJH-7St Louis Park Boys 6B45Hopkins 6b47
6B6Sat10:00amNJH-7Hopkins 6b33Chaska 6B40
6B17Sun3:00pmNJH-10Edina 6B49Hopkins 6b24
6C13Sat6:00pmWJH-13St Louis Park Boys 6C33Hopkins 6c16
6C17Sat9:00pmWJH-15Hopkins 6c20Woodbury 6C130
6C19Sun2:00pmHLC-1Hopkins 6c17Armstrong Blue27
7A4Sat3:00pmHLC-2Hopkins 7a85Roseville39
7A8Sat8:00pmHLC-2Jefferson46Hopkins 7a49
7A15Sun9:00amHLC-2Edina 7A43Hopkins 7a50
7B7Sat10:00amHLC-4Burnsville 7B23Hopkins 7B43
7B11Sat12:00pmHLC-4Hopkins 7B27Saint Paul 7B59
7B14Sun8:00amHLC-2Hopkins 7B36Eagan Wildcats46
7C18Sat10:00amHHS-6Edina 7C White46Hopkins 7c White43
7C19Sat12:00pmHHS-6Hopkins 7c White33St Louis Park Boys 7C56
7C110Sun1:00pmNJH-10Saint Paul 7C Blue47Hopkins 7c White37
7C24Sat6:00pmHLC-4Centennial 7C34Hopkins 7c242
7C28Sat8:00pmWJH-16Roseville 7 White30Hopkins 7c231
7C212Sun8:00amHLC-3Eagan Wildcats137Hopkins 7c242
8A7Sat8:00pmHLC-5Coon Rapids61Hopkins46
8A9Sun11:00amHHS-6Hopkins59Woodbury 64
8A16Sun3:00pmHHS-6Hopkins47Roseville 45
8B14Sat2:00pmHLC-4Hopkins 36Burnsville 32
8B18Sat4:00pmHLC-3Chaska 57Hopkins 36
8B111Sun2:00pmHLC-3Benilde StM38Hopkins 37