2012 Woodbury Girls Royal Rumble

Welcome to the Royal Rumble Girls Basketball Tournament (Jan. 28th-29th, 2012).

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Tournament announcements, schedules and results provided below.

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Good luck to all the teams participating in the event!!!

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1/19/2012: 4th Grade and 6B Brackets Revised.
1/21/2012: 5A Updated, Lakeville teams swapped.

Gym Key: WHS - Woodbury High School / ERHS - East Ridge High School
Tournament Brackets

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Pool Play Tie-Breaker Rules:

   a. Head-to-Head Competition.
   b. Lowest Points Allowed.
   c. Highest Point Differential.
   d. Coin Flip.

   Note: Once one team is eliminated in a 3-team tie-breaker,
   the remaining two teams revert back to Head-to-Head.